Yoga - burns calories, helps to lose weight

Depending on what type of yoga you are practising, do you know that yoga can actually help you to lose weight?

Hatha Yoga can burns up to 180 calories per hour, while Ashtanga Yoga burns about 300 calories per hour, followed by Vinyasa Yoga which burns about 445 calories per hour and the Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga burns up to 630 calories per hour.
(*recommends: always consult your yoga practitioner for the best suitable form of yoga for you before performing).

Yoga is one of today's most popular form of exercise, its activity calms the mind and soul, increases body flexibility and strengthens muscles.

Below are some of the benefits you can get from yoga:
  • Strong body - Yoga involves all the muscles in your body to hold and balance the poses (yoga asanas). These postures banish fatigue and strengthen your feet, legs, hands, abdominals, lower back, legs and shoulders.
  • Improved range of motion - Stretching your tight body in new ways will help it to become more flexible, bringing greater range of motion to muscles and joints. Over time, you can look forward to gaining flexibility in your hamstrings, back, shoulders and hips.
  • Prevention of pain - With gentle stretching and strengthening of yoru neck and back muscles, yoga prevents back pain. It also improve alignment, which helps prevent other types of pain.
  • Improved circulation - Yoga helps you get rid of tension headaches and migraine headaches because it circultates blood and oxygen to your head.
  • Lower blood pressure - Gentler forms of yoga, such as Hatha Yoga, helps lower blood pressure because the poses keep blood bflowing evenly throughout your body as you focus on your breathing.
  • Calmer and steady mind - Concentrating on yoga poses intently clams the mind. Yoga also incorporates meditation techniques, teaching you ways to disengage from your thoughts. You will also enjoy a better quality of sleep.
  • Reduced stress - Yoga is an effective form of psychological therapy. Because it brings your mind to the present, yoga removes problems and troubling thoughts during the exercise and reduces anxiety and stress as well, which results in better mood and concentration.